Magnavore 10 Aquarium Magnet

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Designer Series Magnavore-10 Cleaning Machine

Magnavore-10 is ideal for service companies, zoos, public aquaria, and the occasional private individual lucky enough to need this truly amazing cleaning magnet.
Designed for glass and acrylic tanks between 1" and 1-1/2" thick. Extra large 4" x 2-3/4" cleaning area. Precision crafted, beautiful to look at and efficient to use. The ultimate cleaning machine for ultimate fish tanks!

External Half Magnet:

* External half magnet is a 4.0" x 2.75" injection molded ABS shell featuring a raised designer 3D graphic.
* Twin rare earth magnets are epoxy encapsulated inside the shell.
* Natural felt contact pad safely protects glass and acrylic. Wears thin over time and is replaced as needed. Included with every Tune-up kit.

* Internal half magnet is made of 4.0" x 2.75" solid waterproof ABS casing with two rare earth magnets embedded in a non-toxic resin.
* The contact surface is a medical grade Velcro with tremendous cleaning power on glass. It also acts as a holder for acrylic safe pads.
* Impervious to fresh and salt water. Can be kept continually submerged.

* Choose cleaning surface according to tank type.
* Soft polyester scrubby pads for acrylic aquariums, go over the base pad.
* Abrasive base pad for glass aquariums.
* Replace as necessary.