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Dark Purple Mystery Snails (pomacea bridgesii)

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Mystery snails are a great colorful addition to any tropical aquarium.  They also are great at cleaning algae in the aquarium.  They are safe with all fish, shrimp, and plants.  Mystery snails can grow up to 3 inches in diameter as adults. 

We ship the snails out of water and they will need to be acclimated when they arrive.  It may take snails a couple days to acclimate to the aquarium and become active.  

If your local area had extreme heat or cold we recommend having your mail held at the post office on the day of arrival.  This is free and can be done online or at the post office.  That way your plants stay indoors until you pick them up to protect them from the elements.


Unlike most sellers we ship our snails in an insulated box to help protect them from the outside elements.