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Big Kahuna Great Salt Lake Premium Hatching Brine Shrimp (Artemia Cysts)

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95% hatch rate 

247,000 Nauplii per gram

Protein - 60%
Fat - 24%
Ash - 4.4%
Moisture - 8.5%

Hatching Conditions for Highest Yield

Water Salinity 15-25ppt
Water Temperature 82-86 degrees Fahrenheit
pH 7.8-8.9
Hatching Density (cysts/liter solution) 2 grams or less
Hatching Time 18-24 Hours

Keep out of direct sunlight.
For short term storage, store in a cool dry place not more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit. If artemia cysts are not used immediatly keep the container sealed to prevent moisture. Once opened used within a few day's time.

For long term storage keep blow 62 degrees Fahrenheit. For best results store under refrigerated conditions for up to 24 months.