Big Kahuna Tropical Fish

Big Kahuna Fresh Canned Bloodworms 100g

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Nutritional Value:

Protein 59.3%

Fat 10.2%

Fiber 5.9%

-High pressure heat steam sterilization
-Parasite Free 
-Bacteria Free 
-Virus Free
-Fungus Free
-Practical substitute for frozen food
-Fortified with calcium, minerals, and vitamins for better growth
-Nutritional value is double that of frozen food

Feeding Instructions:

Feed 2-3 times daily as much as the fish an consume within 3 minutes. Avoid overfeeding as it can cause water quality problems. 

Storage Instructions:

Keep Refrigerated after opening. Keep unopened cans in cool and dry area. It is recommended to use the entire contents within one week of opening.