Magnavore Pura Phoslock GFO Phosphate Removal Media - 150 Grams

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Groundbreaking filtration media at the right price. For Reef, Marine, Planted, and Fresh Water aquaria!

The PURA family of filtration media is formulated to reduce scum formation in fresh and marine aquaria.

All PURA products are formulated with Beta-GFH (Beta Ferric Oxide Hydroxide), the groundbreaking German made phosphate removing media that eliminates the primary nutrient of aquarium scum. PURA filtration products lead to a much cleaner and less labor-intensive aquarium, good for the animals, good for the hobbyist, good for customer retention.

Hydrated Beta-GFH is vastly superior to white colored Alumina based phosphate removers and greatly superior to numerous Alpha-Ferric Hydroxides sold in dry form.

PURA PhosLock removes 45% more phosphates than Alumina media, and 20% more than Alpha-Ferric Hydroxides. Unlike Alumina, PhosLock never leaches phosphates back to the aquarium. Unlike competing Alpha-Ferric Hydroxides, PhosLock never disintegrates and never turns soft and muddy in aquarium water. PhosLock comes fully activated right out of the jar. PhosLock does not need a specialized reactor and can be easily confined and implemented in a fine meshed media bag.

PURA PhosLock
Professional Strength Phosphate Remover

PURA PhosLock is 100% pure Beta-GFH and will keep phosphate levels at 0 ppm, a highly desirable level in reef, planted, and exhibit quality aquaria. This is the most cost effective phosphate remover in the market place and unlike dry phosphate removers, PhosLock does not turn to mush in an aquarium. PhosLock outperforms all competing products. Packed hydrated with an induction welded foil seal for freshness, protection, and long shelf life.

PhosLock is the benchmark German made ferric hydroxide media for total phosphate removal in all aquaria. Used all over the world, it is the product of choice for many critical water purity applications. PhosLock permanently binds phosphates. With regular use of PhosLock any aquarium fresh or salt, reef or planted, will stay much cleaner and less maintenance labor intensive! Media bag with PhosLock can be placed inside of: canister filters, power filters, pond filters, sumps, refugiums, corner filters, next to uplift tube on UG filter plate. PhosLock can be placed directly into Bio-Bags or other fine floss bags. PhosLock is 5 to 10 times more effective than white activated alumna media and it is completely safe for fish and invertebrate, fresh and salt-water aquariums.

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